A Hiring Manager's eGuide to IR35

If you are impacted by IR35 reforms will impact you or your company and you’re feeling apprehensive of the changes, we’ve created this guide to help put your mind at ease. It covers:

  1. The risks of a ‘blanket inside’ approach 
  2. In-scope assessments: what are the options? 
  3. How will IR35 impact contractors? 
  4. Learning from the public sector 
  5. What companies and contractors need to do 
  6. How Talent can help you to navigate IR35

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Free IR35 Health Check

If you would like further support around IR35 we are offering organisations with access to a free IR35 Health Check. The free Health Checks are available until 10 April 2020 and provide free onsite consultation covering:

Cost Analysis Reporting Identify costs and savings, improve planning and forecasting, enhance finance control.

IR35 and Risk Audit Assess contracts and validation procedure for IR35 ready.

Recruitment Service and Reporting Value for money, improved results and productivity, bespoke MI dashboard to track spend, time-saving and financial control.

Governance Audit Avoid penalties and prosecution and eliminate bad publicity.

Review your Systems and Procedures Defined process increasing hiring manager and candidate satisfaction.


In April 2018, assessments conducted by the Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool determined that in 54% of cases IR35 did not apply. The figure is believed to have resulted from unlawful blanket assessments conducted by public sector hirers.


UK tech freelancer numbers down for the first time in 5 years since IR35 tax reforms hit the public sector.

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

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