How the IT & Digital Sector is responding to Covid-19

A UK & European Hiring Manager Survey examining the future of work

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Are you more likely to consider homeworking on an ongoing basis?

It’s not surprising that more organisations are opening up to the idea of home working beyond Covid-19. The current crisis has shown itself to be an acid test for virtual working tools and most have passed with flying colours. This new-found confidence in technology coupled with the cost savings of not having to rent a physical office space and the reduction in associated overheads and expenses is really allowing business owners to warm to this new-normal.

- Darren Wells, EMEA CEO

SMEs are most anxious about the impacts of isolation.
38% of respondents cited isolation as the major concern associated with working from home.

A 26% increase in homeworking across the IT & Digital sector in just a few short weeks is a testament to the ability of organisations to adapt but has put pressure on organisational culture.

About our Research

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis is having a profound impact on both our personal and professional lives. This research aims to provide a greater understanding of how these changes are shaping the future of work in the IT & Digital sectors in both the short and long-term.

The research draws on the thoughts and views of over 500 Hiring Managers working in the IT & Digital sectors across the UK & Europe and is accurate as of 12.00 on 6 May 2020.

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What percentage of your workforce was set-up to work from home before the Covid-19?

What percentage of your workforce is now set-up to work from home?

60% of SMEs admitted to feeling disconnect in the early weeks of lockdown. This compares to 45% in the corporate sector and 41% in startups.

Has homeworking led to you feeling less connected?

On the face of it, this is one of the more surprising outcomes of the survey, with the majority of people feeling no less connected to their organisation or their peers by working from home.

Clearly a shot in the arm for the digital tools currently supporting organisational communication, however the 45% that are feeling less connected may be enough to discourage organisations who may be considering home working long-term.

- Stuart Day, European Director, Talent

Has homeworking led to you feeling less connected?

What is your major concern when it comes to employees working from home? 

During this period of uncertainty many businesses are using the time to focus on their long-term strategies, as well as building talent pipelines for future tech need. However a lot of organisations are also experiencing heavy increase in demand areas as a direct impact of Covid-19. At CWJobs we’ve seen a big increase in applications and job posted for specific disciplines like software development, IT support and infrastructure.

- Dominic Harvey, Commercial Director, CWJobs

SMEs remain the most active organisations in the jobs market, with just 40% freezing hiring plans, compared to 64% in startups and 62% in corporates. 

By organisational size

By organisational size

How has the lockdown period impacted your Hiring Plans?

Have you implemented or are you considering virtual onboarding?

Whilst some organisations are choosing to push back start dates for new hires, others are embracing technology to ensure that they don’t risk losing out on top talent.

There are various pros and cons for choosing virtual vs more traditional onboarding but there is no reason to believe that the candidate experience should be hindered by virtual onboarding provided that you have a well thought-out process to wrap around the software tools available.

For further information register for our Virtual Onboarding event taking place on 27 May. 

- Rebecca Trowell, CPO, Talent

How has the lockdown period impacted the number of job applications?

Global Statistcis

How is the global crisis impacting tech Hiring Strategies across the globe? Find out by accessing our global stats below:

In the new world of work, creating data-driven hiring strategies will be vital to ensure organisations achieve sustainable growth in a challenging economic climate.

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